Sarah Meneely-Kyder

List of works

TitleInstrumentationLyrics byNotes
Letter From Italy, 1944 (2013)Chorus, soloists (SSSAT)
and chamber orchestra
Nancy Fitz-Hugh MeneelyAvailable in full score or piano reduction
Kiska PrayerSATB a cappella
One LovesSATBAnything that is not a cappella uses
orchestra in various arrangements
Embarrassment of RichesSATB
The MysterySSAAT
Tenor arias from Letter From Italy, 1944(Father, Dr. John K. Meneely Jr., unless otherwise specified)
Oh, the Sweetie Man(Grandfather, Jake Meneely)
I Know a Land
Riva Ridge
Letter From Italy, 1944
Cold Comfort
Dream in the Last Third of Night(Duet with Nan)
Soprano arias from Letter From Italy, 1944Ideally 2 or 3 sopranos singing the roles of Delia (mother) and daughters Sarah and Nan
If LonelinessS (Delia) and women’s chorus
CantaloupesS (Sarah)
Outside InS (unaccompanied)
Dream in the Last Third of NightS/T (Nan & Father)
When Johnny Comes Marching HomeS (Delia) and Chorus
BootsS (Delia)
Duets from Letter From Italy, 1944S,T
BittersweetDelia, John, chorus
In BedDelia, John
Trios from Letter From Italy, 1944SSA – daughters
Mother Nature
A Solitude of Three
Reprise (opening)
Solo Voice and Strings
“Letter From Italy, 1944”Baritone, String Quartet(aria written in 1997)
Solo Voice & Piano
Five Songs for Soprano (1973)
1. I Will Make My Own PeaceNancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely
2. If LonelinessNancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely
3. Where’s the Faith?S.M-K.
4. Sun SongS.M-K.
5. Little RobinS.M-K.
Mother Picks Grapes (2005)SopranoAnn Silsbee
Where’s the Song? 2013High and low voice versionsS.M-K.
Weep, The Mighty TyphoonsMezzo-Soprano and Piano
(use of keyboard and interior strings)
Seasonal haiku, waka by S.M-K. Excerpts from poetry of Eisaku
Yoneda, a survivor of the bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Five Songs for Bass & Piano (1981)
1. Greet Each MorningNancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely
2. Looking into HeavenJohn Kimberly Meneely
3. Where Streets are Silent NowNancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely
4. Sing Me the SongS.M-K.
5. Kennst Du Das Land?John Kimberly Meneely
Chamber Music for Solo Voice and 2 or more instruments
Twilight/TapsSoprano, Trumpet, PianoS.M-K.
From Notes to Nine LoversSoprano, Flute, Alto Flute, PianoPaul Lamar
Stand Up and Call OutSoprano or Tenor, Chorus, Piano & StringsKate Stewart
Five SpiritualsSoprano or Bass/Baritone, Flute/Alto Flute, Piano
1. My Lord, What a Mornin’(no Flute)
2. Let Us Break Bread Together
3. A City Called Heaven(Alto Flute)
4. Jump Down, Turn Around
5. Stand Up & Call Out
Kisses and PoemsSoprano, Clarinet & PianoNancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely
Duets for 2 voices and piano
To Delia at Six Months (1984)S/AS.M-K.
Georgia O’Keefe, Images (1994)S/AS.M-K.
I Have Read You Like a Book (1988)S/A (brief addition of a third voice (Alto) at the end)John Eels
Bluebells in the Arbor (2005)S/SAnn Silsbee
Works for 3 voices
Five SystemsS/S/S or A, Resonator Bells, Acoustic Guitar, Kalimba, Tubular Chimes
Works for a cappella vocal quartet SATB
Whistling Pig at Snowing’s End (2002)Jeanne LeVasseur
Life Sings a SongSAAT, PianoNancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely
Choral Works
Traditional Irish BlessingS/A/Bar., Piano
Three LullabiesS/A women’s choir, Piano, Tubular Chimes
1. Baloo BaleerieScottish traditional
2. Philomel with Melodyfrom Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet
3. God is In the NightS.M-K.
Dona Nobis PacemSATB, Brass choir (3 Trumpets,
3 Trombones, Organ)
In This Divine ArrangementSoprano, Chorus (SATB) organ, strings
Our Father Which Art In HeavenSATB, String Quintet
Circadian Rhythms SATB, SATB soli, Marimba, Cello, PianoPaul Lamar
I DoSATB, PianoS.M-K.
Rose and Saint (1987)Triple SATB a cappella quartetS.M-K.
Filarmonico SATB, Vibes, Piano, Gamelan Chimes
Arachne SATB, Vibes, Marimba, Piano, StringsPaul Lamar
Watching You Hearing MeSATB, PianoS.M-K.
A Garland of Hymns and Carols – 20+ years of Christmas Cards (original compositions in the interior of cards)
Dona Nobis PacemSSS/TTT a cappella
Little Seed of Brilliant LightSATB a cappellaS.M-K.
How Shall I plant My GardenS/A Organ or PianoS.M-K.
In the Bleak MidwinterSATB a cappellaChristina Rosetti
The NomadS/A, Oboe, Bassoon, OrganGary Fountain
Song of MaryTenor soloS.M-K.
Lo, How a RoseSATB a cappellaGerman, 15th Century (tr. unknown)
It is Thousolo S/T, HandbellsS.M-K.
Father, a Perfect Soul is BornWomen’s chorus, Oboe, OrganS.M-K.
Lord Jesus is His NameSATB a cappellaS.M-K.
The Snow Lay on the GroundMezzo-Soprano quartet
Little ChildWomen’s Chorus, Oboe & ClarinetS.M-K.
Christ is Born in BethlehemSSS/TTTS.M-K
How Softly Breathes Your Little SonSS/Organexcerts from Kenneth Patchen poem “I Have Lighted the Candles, Mary”
Christmas LullabySoprano ChorusGary Fountain
Silent Night, Holy NightJoseph Möhr
Hush4 altos/Tenor, Baritone, BassS.M-K.
O Little Town of BethlehemSATB a cappellaPhillip Brooks
Song of Mary – repriseSATB, Harp
Sing a Song of ChristmasS, MS, A, Contralto, StringsS.M-K.
LightSATB unaccompaniedS.M-K.
Subsequent Christmas Carols
JoyDouble a cappella chorus (SATB)S.M-K.
Coventry CarolSATB a cappellaRobert Croo
I Know Not How That Bethlehem’s BabeSATB a cappellaHenry Farrington
Jubilate Deo arr. S.M-K.
On a Cold and Wintry night
Sleep NowS & Piano
Father, a Tender Soul is BornMS or T & Piano
Works for Solo Piano
Season Phases
Free Running
Recollections: Theme and VariationsLater arranged for WW quintet
Works for 2 Pianos
Now I Sing Only One Song
Nines (scores in the shape of a tic-tac-toe board)Available in parts only,
each three 8½ × 14" pages
1. Nines
2. Silver Lining,
3. Cry
4. July 3rd
5. Dancing, Dancing
Works for Flute & Piano
The Four Elements Fantasia for Flute & Piano
Doriadoremaeolia Introduction and Hymn in the shape of a Tic-Tac-Toe BoardBased on a Hymn to Sri Rama KrishnaOversize score
Narcissus for A-Clarinetinspired by Narcissus Monologue by Nancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely
Works for Cello and Piano
Homage to Brahms Intermezzo & Variations
Four Moods
Sweethearts: Grid and Sequence for Cello & spoken female voice (based on a grid SWEETHEARTS from which the text is created and the tale is told)
The Three GunasFlute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano 4 hands, Violin & Cello
In Paradisum (based on the Gregorian chant)Pedal Organ